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Even at a surface-level observation, General Practitioners can be seen as the architects of holistic wellness. Their expertise caters to every aspect of an individual’s well-being. It can either be physical, psychological, environmental, social, or cultural and these aspects are well looked after across the span of their lives. To become a GP, you must undergo rigorous training which includes a six-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. It is then followed up with post-graduate hospital training and supervised general practice training. North Brisbane serves as a locale which boasts beautiful vistas and promising career opportunities. This is about becoming a General Practitioner while also providing you with the chance to help shape the wellness of an entire populace.

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General Practitioners in North Brisbane function fully outside of the designated traditional medical roles. GPs in the area significantly contribute to shaping the health of a community as a whole. This influence of shaping health does not happen all at once. However, it is a constantly ongoing process that takes place in small increments. These small stages and small steps in bettering the health of the community are aided by institutions such as the Local Primary Health Network (PHN). Since these initiatives actually take a stance towards helping GPs enhance community health. Structured lifestyle modification plans are tailored and provided for specific individuals at high risk of developing specific health conditions with the support of these initiatives. Moreover, the medical teams at these facilities collaborate with the GPs in providing the aforementioned specialised healthcare services. These specialised healthcare services include areas such as Chronic Disease Management, Women’s & Men’s Health, Child & Adolescent Health, Health Assessments, Telehealth and Minor Procedures.

First of all, “Chronic Disease Management” is directed by teams of practitioners in these medical facilities whose expertise lies in providing medical care for individuals suffering from chronic conditions. This caters to personalised strategies that can help these individuals overcome these pains and ailments or at least help them improve their quality of life. The care plans devised by these medical professionals help the patients navigate a life with chronic diseases effectively.

Furthermore, well-disciplined Medical Professionals tending to both “women’s health and men’s health” deliver compassionate and effective care without any hesitation in these institutions in North Brisbane. These health professionals are willing to perform routine check-ups and address specific health issues or concerns by communicating with the patients in an understanding, thorough manner which helps nurture overall wellness.

Medical practitioners in charge of Child & Adolescent Health arrive at the medical scene. It is with years of experience under their belts (which is much needed when it comes to taking care of the well-being of children and adolescents). The methods of care that these practitioners implement include taking steps to prevent certain preventable diseases and interventions based on the time and status of the disease. All these factors are compounded by an environment that allows the children and the adolescents to feel secure and relaxed.

Offering assessments of health (mental or physical) to patients who require such services is another vital role that these practitioners play, as listed above. Catering to their specific diseases and ailments, this approach helps mitigate the effects of diseases while also providing closure to those who are recovering from long-term illnesses.

Moreover, telehealth services and minor procedures are two of the most frequently carried out health services by these institutions. To make it convenient for patients and the like, virtual appointments with GPs and other medical professionals are provided after a direct review within the last 12 months. Although the consultation is possibly long-distance and virtual, this option ensures constant access to medical guidance and consultation. Last but not least, ‘minor procedures’ are also a widespread practice in the Local Primary Health Network. The clinic offers a wide range of services in the likes of medical and surgical procedures while also offering in-house treatments that are efficient, effective and of course, safe.

Institutions such as the Local Primary Health Network are dedicated to upholding community health and recruiting healthcare professionals from a multitude of disciplines. These individuals are teamed up into multidisciplinary groups consisting of everyone from surgeons, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, and exercise physiologists. These teams provide the local communities in North Brisbane with the necessary healthcare and consultation. It is by educating them about certain risk factors when it comes to specific diseases and also consultations on how they can be prevented. Funded by regional health entities and directed by collaborative alliances, these initiatives help GPs enhance community health. It is by educating the everyday local citizens on effective strategies to change their behaviours for the betterment of their health.

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